What Is Firewalking?

by Master Instructor –  Joseph “JoeWoo” Rychalsky

So What Really Is Firewalking?

Master Instructor, Joseph “JoeWoo” Rychalsky believes that Firewalking is the art of walking barefoot over 1200 degree hot coals to have a life altering experience!  The art of Firewalking has been around for centuries.  Cultures all around the world have practiced firewalking and fire dancing rituals.


The earliest known reference to Firewalking can be found online with a reference to an Indian story dating to around 1200 B.C.  The records indicate that two Brahmin priests took the Firewalk together as a competition; the priest who walked further had this feat recorded. Even then, the firewalk was clearly a metaphor for spiritual strength and calmness of mind.


The modern Firewalk movement was born in 1977 by Tolly Burkan.  Tolly walked on fire in 1977 and was immensly transformed by the experience that he wanted to share the experience with everyone.  Tolly jumped right into the fire and the rest is history.


In 1983, Tolly taught the great Tony Robbins how to Firewalk.  And Tony decided to take the Firewalking movement on a global scale, catching the attention in the personal development industry.


JoeWoo Crosses The Coals

Joe’s journey of crossing the coals began in 2005 while attending a Tony Robbins’ event.  Immediately passionate about the life changing experience he had, Joe began his journey down the personal development path.


It was in 2014 when Joe decided to learn all he could about Firewalking by training with the Firewalking Institute Of Reseach And Education.  Joe has walked on fire over 500 times and has led thousands of people on their journey to cross the hot coals and have breakthrough experiences.  Now a Mastor Instructor, Joe is helping lead the global Firewalking movement forward with his passion and enthusiasm of helping others.



If you are personally interested in crossing the coals, or your corporation is interested in a Firewalk team building event, please check the Events page to see upcoming events.  And, you can always contact Joe by filling out this form!

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