Meta Launches Threads: Here Is What You Need To Know

Mark Zuckerberg did it again.  Meta or Facebook as I still call the company just launched a new app called Threads.  It is obviously a direct competitor of Twitter.  So what is all of the buzz about, and is it really a great app?  I have been playing around with the app over the last 48 hours, so let me share my analysis.

So What Is Threads

Threads is really a text based sharing app that is connected to Instagram.  You can share pictures and videos as well.  Posts can be up to 500 characters in length, and videos can be up to 5 minutes in length.  I do like the video length because the latest craze of short form video of less than 60 seconds is tough to get a clear message across.  I like the ability of being able to post a video between one to two minutes in length.

What Have I Seen So Far

I like the conversations.  Even though the app is in its early stage, having a longer text based conversation and being able to add a pictures or a video is great.  It has been a very positive experience so far.  I have started to see some spam post replies already, and hopefully Meta will tackle that.  With it being in its early phase, you can build and audience quickly and even talk to celebrities, athletes and other people you might be following on other apps.

How Do I Get The App

The app will be in your app store, and make sure to double check the logo (picture posted on this post), so all you have to do is download the app. Once downloaded, it will then ask you to sign in with Instagram, and you want to make sure you do that.  The Threads app will also ask you if you want to bring over your profile information.  You should say yes, and let it be easy!

Should I Use The App

As I always say to all of you, you should try out a new app.  It is about testing and learning things.  If you are running a business, it is important to get into an app early on.  You can build up a solid following by doing so.  If you are not a business and someone who enjoys social media, give it a try.

I am excited to see how Threads will evolve and what will come next.  Contact me here at    and send me your questions.  You can always go to Meta and check out any new info on Theads by going here

With love…..

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