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Many of you need to START posting content NOW! Here is some inspiration for you. This picture was from my first major public speaking gig ever in 2016. Before the event I did the following:
✅ Stopped in the bathroom four times on the way to the event.
✅ Threw up twice.
✅ Questioned myself as to was I worthy to speak in front of people.
✅ Almost cancelled the event – I literally picked up the phone twice and called the school principal.
✅Missed the exit and several turns – so I lost 25 minutes of prep time.
✅Started sweating a ton!!! I didn’t raise my arms too much to show the sweaty arm pits!
What I did not do was give up!! I am grateful for the confidence I had in mysel to not let all of those things stop me. I had kids walk out of the event, probably about 30 and even some teachers. I know it was a rough speech. However, once I got through this speaking event, things got easier to speak. I felt more confidence, more awareness. Things became clear such as really learning and understanding your audience, preparing for the event, and digging deep to inspire people.
Many of you are still contemplating putting out videos and sharing your message to the world. You have to start. It will be tough, it will be rough, but I can assure you that if you stick to it, and keep going, you will build an audience and a business. It takes time. Do not just post once and then get upset you have no engagement. For years, people laughed at my content….and yes, they still do. For years, I had little engagement….and yes, some posts even today that still happens.  You can even use ChatGPT now to generate some great ideas.
I stuck with it and continue to stick with it. And now when I speak on video or in front of people, I know I will deliver from my heart and soul. All of this from a kid who was always picked last and always sat in the back of the classroom, and even behind the camera. Funny how life and the universe works if you put yourself out there and allow yourself to take the hits and learn.
With love….

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